Getting to Arctic Wolfland Sanctuary

Thank you for your interest in Arctic Wolfland Sanctuary!


Usually our guests arrive via rental car, as it is the cheapest and most flexible option to visit us. For car rental companies use your search engine of choice – same goes, if you prefer to come by taxi. We cannot recommend one of the car rental or taxi companies specifically. 

We recommend asking at your hotel reception, they might offer you good taxi prices from their transportation partners; otherwise please refer to Google (taxi Rovaniemi Ranua) and you can choose the most suitable company for your needs.

public transportation

Coming to us via public transportation is easy! You just need to follow a few steps.

  1. Public bus: 
    The bus drives directly from Rovaniemi to Ranua Zoo 
  2. Ordering a taxi 
    Fill out the form for a taxi beforehand!
    When you have arrived via bus at Ranua Zoo, the taxi will already wait for you and bring you directly to Arctic Wolfland Sanctuary.
  3. Enjoy Your Visit At Arctic Wolfland Sanctuary – always book your visit to us in advance!
  4. Ordering a return taxi – You absolutely need to book your return taxi before already at (order the return taxi for the time your program has finished).
  5. Public bus  will bring you back to Rovaniemi.

Hope to meet you soon at Arctic Wolfland Sanctuary!

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