The Wolfland rules 

When visiting Wolfland, you are a visiting a sanctuary, not a zoo nor a playground and thus our number one priority is to protect the wellbeing of our wolfdogs and other animals. Wolfdogs are much more sensitive than regular dogs (your housedogs) and so it is very important, that the following rules are met during your stay at Wolfland. to not disrupt our wolfdogs/animals in general.

Furthermore Arctic Wolfland Sanctuary is also a private home, where our family is living – please respect that!


Loud or unruly behaviour towards the wolfdogs will not be tolerated. Visitors must not whistle, call or otherwise heckle the wolfdogs. Visitors must be respectful of the wolfdogs and the facility at all times (do not go through restricted areas). Anyone found not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately.


Children are not allowed to run, wander, or behave loudly on the Sanctuary grounds.

Absolutely no running, jumping, screaming, yelling or making other loud noises (including howling, loudly calling an animal’s name, or making other potentially intrusive noises in an effort to get an animal’s attention), climbing, taunting animals, or other behavior that is unsafe or is upsetting to our animals.

No playing in or with the snow. Playing at the private playground or entering any buildings (except for the toilet building) is forbidden. we are a sanctuary and not a playground, respect that or leave!

In order to ensure a stress-free environment for the wolfdogs, children must be monitored at all times and kept close by. Any parent or child not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately. Check Tour Descriptions for age requirements.


Our experiences run in all weather conditions; rain or shine, -30C or +30C. Please ensure that you dress for the weather as you will be outside for the duration of the tour, and wear appropriate footwear as this is a walking tour. On cold winter days, we highly recommend snow pants, gloves, a toque and a warm coat!

We kindly ask you don’t wear any fur products. Fur products animate wolfdogs and can create uncomfortable situations for the wearer, including damage to clothing. Wolfland accepts no liability for damaged clothing!

Umbrellas, walking sticks or such like are not permitted.

We can’t enter the enclosures with people wearing mouth & nose protection masks or other face-covering utensils. Animals are reading people’s mimic and gestures, if they don’t have the chance to do so, there might be the chance of unpredicted behaviour. Safety is not given in those cases.

Please avoid tangling clothing and utensils as they can lead to unpredictable situations.

Should you have any questions about the dress code, please feel free to contact us.


There is a strict smoking ban on Wolfland grounds including the parking lot! Smoking poses a major fire risk to our property as well as also being very irritating for the sensitive olfactory senses of our Wolfdogs. 


We aim to create an inclusive experience for all visitors.

There aren’t any service dogs allowed on the site as they would negatively impact the well-being of the wolfdogs.

We can’t enter the enclosures with people having walking difficulties or other conspicuous behavior. Safety is not given in those cases.

Wolfland is not wheelchair accessible.

If you have any walking disability, let us know in advance, if a visit is possible for you!

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